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The Language Divide

In my last post, I warned against the dangers of the craftsmanship movement to itself. The main premise behind this warning  is that business and developers don’t speak the same language. And since business has the upper hand, role power, money – business always wins. Martin Fowler’s post, Craftsmanship and the Crevasse, looks at the

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Why Microsoft Makes Bad Programmers

After the LIDNUG presentation, we stayed online to discuss unit testing experiences. A couple of things stayed with me from that talk. One: we’re (we developers) are obsessed with tooling and technology (you didn’t expect hard news here, right?). Our main focus should be about solving the business problem first. But, us geeks, we like

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Silverlight and Content War

The news from MIX keep coming, and it’s looking very interesting. Scoble says “Microsoft rebooted the Web”. On one hand, until a few weeks ago I was sure Silverlight was another attempt by Microsoft to take over another turf, with not too promising odds. Going after Adobe seems futile. But now, Silverlight starts to look

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