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Language Is A Virus

I was in a client meeting  for presenting the new states of Product Backlog Items (PBIs) in Microsoft TFS. When I received the invitation for the meeting, I was excited and curious . Excited because the team I was working with, finally had enough with the pre-built states. Curious because – why is there only

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Good Vs Evil

Posts about agile dying or becoming irrelevant come and go. God knows I’ve contributed to that movement. The latest wave started with Agile Manifesto signatory Dave Thomas, with “Agile is dead, long live Agility”. The discussion later continued on Twitter and the XP mailing list under the title “Taking agile back”. Taking it from whom?

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The Wrong Answer

In a recent webinar I did about unit testing, I was asked if MSTest is a good framework to support scrum. Being, well, myself I started with “It’s the wrong question”. Obviously a test framework support any process or methodology. Specifically, a team implementing scrum, that doesn’t have any technical practices, can benefit from test

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