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The Human Translation

What happens when you have disparate systems? Those that don’t know how to talk to each other? You need a translator. If you’re lucky, it’s an automaton. Sure, you need to build it, but it will do most of the work for you. But if your luck’s cup is not as full, then it’s a

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Code Coverage Tool for Traceability

Paul Stovell created a tool for traceability between code and requirements. All you have to do is add attributes to the classes/methods, and through reflection, it correlates the tested code to requirements. Therefore, it can actually create code coverage report against requirements. Cool stuff. [via Brian Harry]

Relying on Others

Check out my collection of ClearCase posts and feel my pain. Continuing our latest adventures with ClearCase, (I haven’t worked on anything else since Wednesday) today we reviewed the situation. We had to roll back the changes made on Thursday, due to side-effects that appeared. (Basically square one). Currently there’s no real solution in sight,

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Tools of the trade

Oren writes about what’s needed to develop a real application today, in regards to using just the CLR. Although my personal development are very small projects, I can’t live without TestDriven.Net or Reflector. I haven’t used IoC, but I expect this is something I’m going to use from now on. There is something to be

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