Joining the dark side

No, it’s not about Microsoft.

Today I found myself explaining arguments that are “organizational” and “administrative” although with some technical merit. The discussion was with one of the developers regarding piloting V7 of ClearCase, rather than using the 6.15 we have installed. (For the compassionate readers, leave condolences in the comments section).

I’m not the most tech-savvy regarding IBM tools, but in the last year I learned some stuff, and basically, it’s brittle. So although leveling up should be a breeze, the company wouldn’t allow the pilot, with the fear of risking other developers who work on the server.

At the past I was that developer. Laugh at the face of danger, let me do the pilot, it won’t hurt anyone. But now I’m the nay-sayer, guarding the organization, rather than allowing innovation and risk-taking.

So have I grown up, or just taken the blue pill?

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