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Relying on Others

Check out my collection of ClearCase posts and feel my pain. Continuing our latest adventures with ClearCase, (I haven’t worked on anything else since Wednesday) today we reviewed the situation. We had to roll back the changes made on Thursday, due to side-effects that appeared. (Basically square one). Currently there’s no real solution in sight,

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Knowledge Storage

So where do you put all the knowledge you collect? The easiest place is documents. The problem with those, is that the more knowledge you document, the less likely people are to read them. Today (another) argument I was involved in was regarding the use of dynamic/snapshot views in ClearCase. The methodology we have (due

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Joining the dark side

No, it’s not about Microsoft. Today I found myself explaining arguments that are “organizational” and “administrative” although with some technical merit. The discussion was with one of the developers regarding piloting V7 of ClearCase, rather than using the 6.15 we have installed. (For the compassionate readers, leave condolences in the comments section). I’m not the

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