And in the mean time, some more responsibilities

I’m not that crazy about this, but I’ll play along for awhile.

Our flop of the ClearCase implementation has left us with an addiction for the implementation company. In the past I’ve reduced the dependency by transferring knowledge to IT. This worked and now we want to get rid of the on site support completely.

This requires more transfer of knowledge. And I would be some kind of coordinator. Technical coordinator. Part of this is to actually define the different types of knowledge that should be in which part of the organization. This would also require me to add to my technical skills in ClearCase.

Why don’t I like it?

I think the dev team lacks the required knowledge for a tool they use everyday. Up until now, with the implementation company representative on site, it was easy to have their problem solved for them. We’re trying to alleviate this, but we’re sending the message that it’s now QA’s responsibility. So although I would try to get each team on track towards applicable knowledge, it’s still the wrong message.

This is a dev tool, and it is the dev’s responsibility.

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