Old dog, new tricks

Sometimes I see the wonders of the universe in small things. And I’m not talking about my kids this time.

When I try to formulate some text or idea, I usually use Word. One of the skills I’ve adopted, is to put down everything I think on the document first, then edit and re-edit. I used to do the opposite – try to formulate the correct sentence in my head, then write the exact form. But I’ve noticed the former is much more effective for me.

Why is that? Maybe I’m a visual person. I need to see stuff in order to analyze it better. I am certainly more effective with visual data than with audible data. As many of my colleagues know, I can filter many a-word being said to me. Sometimes even deliberately.

Today I saw a colleague does the same thing, but with a different tool. Photoshop. By moving parts of an image, and manipulating these parts, he used Photoshop to come to a more coherent full image. Actually, we both paired on the editing of the image.

So a couple of findings from this odd little moment in history:

  • Better communication leads to effective results
  • The right tool for the right job
  • You never know what you’ll learn next

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