Battle of the frameworks: The SharePoint arena

Last week, I gave a presentation at the Israeli SharePoint user group on unit testing SharePoint applications. Slides below. Me closer (lurking in the shadows).Gil presenting on why Mario T Shirts are so popular

As an objective observer, I compared the two and only alternatives for Isolation frameworks for SharePoint: Typemock Isolator and Microsoft Moles. And here’s my objective decision: Isolator wins by a mile and a half. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The way I reached the conclusion is by spending a Saturday morning, trying to translate my Isolator examples (these are the ones I gave at my last year’s webinar on SharePoint). Well, not a translation, just how it looks in Molish.

Ahh, the pain. You need to be a Lambda master, and not one of those who just got their license. Compiler’s not helpful. And the Moles generator was not that clear on its error. (Note that I insisted to run tests without SharePoint installed. And with just part of my health lost, I succeeded). The funny thing, is that my presentation talks about unit testing removing pain. Ok, not ha-ha funny.

On my trials, I looked to the internets, to find examples of Moles usage, outside the MS how-to and some DateTime examples. Alas, apart from Andrew Woodward’s Shweet, I could not find any.

I finally managed to do both examples, and share my pain with the group. They agreed.

Here are the slides. I’ll post the examples later.

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