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Tango With Trello

My two-step forward, one-step back dance with Trello began way before I boarded the kanban train. In the beginning we used it as our main tool for planning, documenting and controlling development. The team was willing to try it, after using a whiteboard and (not-so) sticky notes with the planned-doing-done trio, which we copied to

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My “Expert Unit Testing Tips” Presentation

This is the presentation I gave today at the “QA and Development in Agile” conference (It’s a bit more detailed than what the people in the room saw). This wasn’t a technical presentation, just an overview to the newly initiated to unit testing – third of the room wrote unit tests, the rest didn’t. And

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Battle of the frameworks: The SharePoint arena

Last week, I gave a presentation at the Israeli SharePoint user group on unit testing SharePoint applications. Slides below. Me closer (lurking in the shadows). As an objective observer, I compared the two and only alternatives for Isolation frameworks for SharePoint: Typemock Isolator and Microsoft Moles. And here’s my objective decision: Isolator wins by a

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