My Next Big Thing

yesIf you’re like most people you’re under-resourced. You have many more tasks than you can handle. Your team is fully booked. And the work keeps pouring in. They ask:

“What should we do first?”

What should we work on first to go into the product? Bugs coming in from support calls? Maybe this cool new feature? But this new feature will take few weeks to implement. Maybe we should be working on the smaller tasks to help track usage of the other features? Or maybe just we should work on examples and documentation, as our customer feedback suggests?

That’s the tough job of the product owner. Sure, talking to customers is fun, but in the end, this is the guy who actually decides what goes into the next release. Deciding who gets what first, and who will wait impatiently. Big responsibility.

Starting this month, that’s my responsibility at Typemock.

Actually, there’s more than that. But I’ll save that to later posts. I’m very excited about this new challenge. And I’m going to learn a lot on this road, stumble a few times for sure. An agile product-centric company, creating products for agile developers –  Man, this is becoming so much interesting than before.

Stay tuned. Interesting stuff ahead.

Gil Zilberfeld

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