Best Practices

I almost cried when I read this. It’s via Scott Hanselman’s blog. Patrick Cauldwell wrote down a list of commandments for the developer. While it is a bit .Net centric, it can be modified to suit everyone. As long their into TDD, continuous integration, refactoring and patterns.

Management Review Time!

And I presented the different statistics and everyone asked for forgiveness and changed their way immediately. Not. (Did you expect otherwise?) There’s a general feeling that things are not going well (discussing the results with the PMs prior to the meeting helped alleviate “unpleasant” surprises, and everyone knew what’s going to be displayed). The mood

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Hidden Costs

I’m finally done with extracting bug information. All projects show a runaway bug train trend. 2 of the teams have ~250 bugs accumulated over the last year, the 3rd has 90. These usually end up as an extra cost to the customer and us, moving on with subsequent releases. And there’s the cost of find-fix-retest

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