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Agile’s Secret Ingredient

I’m a big fan of Manager Tools. I’ve been listening to the podcast and recommending it to anyone, manager or not, for the last five years. A recurring topic in the podcast is Manager Tools co-founder Mark Horstman’s laws: It’s all about people More communication is better. And there are more, and I invite you

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Winds of Change

We’re going agile! Note that it’s not with a capital A. And when we do it is with small steps. However, I think it is a step in the right direction. How did this miracle happen? I can take some of the credit, but it’s mostly letting people absorb the theory until it looks real.

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On Passion

Scott Hanselman is moving to Microsoft. I’ve been following Scott’s blog and podcast “Hanselminutes” over the last year. I wish him luck, and that we all benefit from his new position. Scott describes himself as a geek. When he saw a CD, he wanted to see how it works (a quote from the last podcast

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