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Rebooting ALM, Part IV: Fantasy

This is the final part of the Rebooting ALM series. You should also read: Part I: Evolution Part II: Power Part III: Weakness We’ve covered where ALM tools excel, and where they falter. Now, allow me to fantasize about how we can take a leap forward and start solving actual problems for real ALM users (that’s

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Rebooting ALM, Part III: Weakness

This is the 3rd part of Rebooting ALM series. You can find the others here: Part I: Evolution Part II: Power Obviously, I wouldn’t call this series “Rebooting ALM” if the tools didn’t have their weaknesses. Let me count the ways. The first problem of ALM tools starts with the customer. The end-user  of the system (developers,

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Rebooting ALM, Part II: Power

This is the 2nd part in the Rebooting ALM series. Check out the first part “Evolution“, to see how we got here. (See what I did?). The first tool, I think, that started the ALM tool chain, was source control. There were compilers, and some IDEs, but source control systems were solutions for team-work. If

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